Requesting 3 new lines

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Requesting 3 new lines

Post by mguzdial » Dec 17th, '15, 21:47

I request the addition of four lines to -- creating getRed, getGreen, getBlue, and getAlpha as synonyms for r, g, and b in color. (I don't really need getAlpha, but it seems like a natural.)

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// Color

defineClass Color r g b a

method red Color { return r }
method green Color { return g }
method blue Color { return b }
method alpha Color { return a }
method getRed Color { return r }
method getGreen Color { return g }
method getBlue Color { return b }
method getAlpha Color { return a }
The reason is so that I can do this:
green-of-color.png (3.08 KiB) Viewed 5335 times
I can use getRed/green/blue to work with either pixels or colors. Yay, polymorphism!

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Re: Requesting 3 new lines

Post by JohnM » Dec 28th, '15, 19:05

Sure! Will add in next release.

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