Is it module time?

Extending or modifying the GP system itself (advanced!)

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Is it module time?

Post by mguzdial » Jul 19th, '16, 22:31

I see a modules folder inside GP 050, and I can even read the .gpm files. Do you want us to start playing with creating modules?

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Re: Is it module time?

Post by JohnM » Jul 24th, '16, 21:12

Yep, we're working on modules! We have the underlying module mechanism, but we're in the process of making it possible to create your own modules using the GP programming environment itself (as opposed to using a text editor). We're also working on a mechanism to allow modules to export new block categories to the palette. We hope to have this all working -- at least well enough to demo -- in time for the GP workshop at the Scratch conference (Aug 4-6).

It would be best to hold off on playing with modules for a few more weeks. After that, I would welcome experimentation, feedback, and bug reports.

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