Connecting to HTTPS Websites and APIs

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Connecting to HTTPS Websites and APIs

Post by Calloway » Feb 19th, '22, 18:51

Hello all, I've made a public HTTP -> HTTPS proxy that everyone can use to connect GP to the modern web and I've made it as simple as possible to use!

How to use it:
Simply put it into the http host block with the host as and the path being https:// and then whatever domain you need proxied.

Note: Please keep in mind that whenever you're using this, you're using an insecure method of sending data. Anyone can see the information you're sending on the way to the proxy if they have a packet sniffer, this is more so built in order for anyone to be able to get information off of websites or APIs. I also built this service up from scratch and there is no logging and all data is erased after your connection terminates.

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