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by SimpleSi
Aug 27th, '18, 21:33
Forum: Requests
Topic: asymetrical encryption/decryption?
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Re: asymetrical encryption/decryption?

Is there no big math in GP?
There is a little bit of support (addition of big numbers)

I had a go at trying to add multiplication in a earlier beta but it wasn't at all optimised for speed so would be too slow

by SimpleSi
Jun 26th, '18, 11:23
Forum: Requests
Topic: Do in Parallel Block?
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Re: Do in Parallel Block?

came a new c-block in it called do in parallel

I can't see one

What does it do?
by SimpleSi
Jun 26th, '18, 11:17
Forum: Working with GP
Topic: When Converting Scratch to GP it doesn't Work?
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Re: When Converting Scratch to GP it doesn't Work?

but you can't say to GP it should whait with the refresh until the custom block is finished.
Not looked at code but couldn't you just add a wait block inside the custom block or after calling it from a main script?
by SimpleSi
May 25th, '18, 14:34
Forum: Extending GP
Topic: Is it allowed to submit a modified version of GP in this forum?
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Re: Is it allowed to submit a modified version of GP in this forum?

My view on this.

The GP project is still underdevelopment - it is not a finished product by any means so I would not publish an amended version at this time.

We don't need


by SimpleSi
Apr 5th, '18, 17:58
Forum: Requests
Topic: Advertising for GP
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Re: Advertising for GP

I've thought about this but I'm not sure GP is quite ready for an influx of young scratchers quite yet
by SimpleSi
Jan 29th, '18, 14:27
Forum: Bugs
Topic: Reference graphics issues on Windows
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Re: Reference graphics issues on Windows

Since using V0.79 - I've not experienced any loss of focus or missing information in panes using Win10 so I think this issue is now fixed :)
by SimpleSi
Jan 26th, '18, 09:25
Forum: Working with GP
Topic: [example]Reading files one byte at a time
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[example]Reading files one byte at a time

Just putting this here for anyone wanting to use the new filestream blocks to read large files

There is no end-of-file boolean available but if the byte read has a nil value then we can assume that we've read the whole file
by SimpleSi
Jan 11th, '18, 08:38
Forum: Requests
Topic: False and True
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Re: False and True

The boolean switches have been inherited from Snap but due to the fact that colours in GP are very muted compared to Snap/Scratch they do look very indistinct I personally would like to keep to "standard" black arrow dropdown with the words true/false I was never a fan of them when they were introdu...
by SimpleSi
Jan 8th, '18, 11:58
Forum: Requests
Topic: Christmas/Holidays are over - where's the new version!!
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Christmas/Holidays are over - where's the new version!!

:-) There's been a lot of suggestions made in past 6 months - obviously a lot by me :) When are the changes a coming? :) In all seriousness, GP has got some show-stopping bugs (certainly on Windows) that makes it unsuitable to actually use for real in a classroom without a lot of TLC And the GUI int...
by SimpleSi
Jan 4th, '18, 18:04
Forum: Requests
Topic: Rename "export to pallette"
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Rename "export to pallette"

Not sure to what :) but I think its confusing to call it a palette when its main use is as a category extension It confused me when I trying to remember what to do to create an extension having not done it for 6 weeks as I was searching for something that mentioned extension :) Maybe "export to exte...