[more feedback than actual bug]screen positions not integers

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[more feedback than actual bug]screen positions not integers

Post by SimpleSi » Jul 9th, '17, 15:12

when playing with setting shared variable to a list of classes x y and direction attibutes and then reading them back in another class - I noticed that the postions seemed to being stored as floats so for aesthic purposes I truncated them before adding to list.

Then I noticed that sometimes the classes y postion of -130 was being truncated to -129. (Intermittantly but happened every now and again)

I understand how this sort of thing happens but it made me think that x y postions didn't need to be float in the 1st place and could be int

so setting an class xpos as 0 doesn't get reported as being 0.0000001 :)

Or are there no true ints in GP?

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